Open Studio sessions started in July 2020 at our location at Temple Emanu-EL, 2500 Pali Hwy, Honolulu, HI 96817.

A new session will begin September 20, 2021. We have 4 independent studio periods in the session. See times below

Each session enrolls nine (9) students, including the studio manager (s).

We will have one class per week starting Wednesday September 22, 2021 from 1000-1300. This will also hold 9 students.


Venue: Temple Emanu-el at 2550 Pali Hwy. Turn onto Jack Lane. Lots of parking.

We are offering four open studio sessions to experienced fused glass makers. Our venue also currently functions as day care for essential workers, therefore, we can only offer one daytime session at this time on Saturdays. 

There are be four periods per week. Each are three hours long. There is a studio monitor in each period to ensure access to the site, show people where the equipment is, and to make sure the studio is tidy before everyone leaves.  This person is not an instructor. Rather, this is an opportunity to come together with other fused glass enthusiasts to make art.

Firing is done on premises, each person is allowed 12 square feet per 10 week session but not all at once.

Open Studio session entails:

  • Three hour period to make glass.
  • Firing on site.
  • Equipment:  Ring saw,  tile saw, grinder, circle cutter, band saw, drill press, lap grinder, & belt sander.
  • Sheet glass, frit, stringers, noodles, enamel powders, & paper are sold on site.
  • Glass, molds, cutters, tools, etc., can be purchased off site by contacting Marie Kastensmith at
  • Glass can also be purchased under Buy Supplies under the Store tab on the home page.

Open studio times:

Monday 6-9 pm   

Tuesday 6-9 pm

Thursday  6-9 pm  

Saturday 1-4 pm   

For more information please email:

Paypal fee – pay here for open studio:

Cost for members is $250, non-members $260 for a 10 week session.

Members $250:

Non-members $270:

Instructional Class:

We are offering one daytime class per week starting September 22, 2021 from 1000-1300. It will be at the same venue as the open studio. The description above regarding firing & supplies applies to the instructional class. Bud Spindt is the instructor. See class curriculum link at the bottom of the page.

Pay here for the instructional class:

Members: $350

Non-members $370

Please sign the WAIVER to enroll in either open studio or the class and send to