The Glass Fusion Collective (GFC) is based in Oahu Hawaii. It is a glass artists guild, formed in 2019 to offer classes and independent studio time for glass fusing. Creating glass works can be difficult for an individual artist because glass art equipment is very large and expensive. Glass Fusion Collective is a group environment in which glass enthusiasts and glass artists can learn, teach, and create using shared equipment and other glass art resources.

  • Artist: Liz Train

Glass Fusion Collective offers classes and independent sessions (open studio times) every ten weeks. Please see the respective pages to sign up.

Another goal of Glass Fusion Collective is to join artists together for exhibits. GFC has participated in three excellent exhibits since its inception and has online galleries to showcase the glass art works in each show. Two exhibits were cooperative art exhibits between the Glass Fusion Collective and other art organizations or guilds – one of the shows also featured weaving with Hawai’i Handweaver’s Hui, and the other exhibit, which was located online, was a joint effort with Hawaii Watercolor Society on the site of the Honolulu Museum of Art School. The focus of that exhibit was about translucent media since watercolor and glass can both be transparent or translucent. Colourful glassworks are a wonderful combination with these other media. You can see all our exhibit archives here…

Don’t hesitate to Join us! Learning to fuse glass is fun, and our class and independent studio structures allow for convenient access to instruction and the glass studio!